Sandfly Navigation Bar

The side bar contains the core Sandfly functions. Through it you will be able to access pages that add credentials or hosts, perform manual or automated scans for threats, view results, along with many other options.

Side Bar

Sandfly Side Bar

Main Options

The main options are:

  • Dashboard - View the main Dashboard, which shows an operational overview.
  • Results - View all alerts, pass and error events.
  • SSH Hunter -  powerful tool to track SSH key usage across your Linux systems.
  • Hosts - View registered hosts, add hosts, add jump hosts and add host credentials.
  • Scanning - Initiate a manual scan of hosts, view the task queue, or see the log of scan errors.
  • Scheduler - Automated security scan scheduler.
  • Sandflies - View sandfly threat hunting modules or add your own custom sandfly modules. 
  • Whitelists - View all hosts with sandfly modules that have been whitelisted.
  • Reports - View reports that provide various views into important data produced by Sandfly.
  • Settings - User and system settings, licensing, alert notifications, and server configurations.

Extra Options

At the bottom are additional options:

  • Local Key Stash - An area that shows stashed SSH key entries from the SSH Hunter tool.
  • Reference Docs - What you are reading.
  • Emergency Support - Experiencing a breach and need help? Contact us for rapid support.
  • Provide Feedback - Send us any comments that you have.

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