If you wish to update the host details such as tags, credentials or jump hosts you can click on the host to go to the details page. There you will be presented with options to change these values.

Updating a host.

Updating a host

This is a useful feature if you ever change username/password or SSH public/private keys for a host or group of hosts. Instead of deleting the hosts and re-adding them (which will also work and may be faster for a large group of hosts), you can simply change the credential here to the new one.

Tag Update

You can update host tags by selecting the Edit button. You can then delete a tag by clicking the X on the tag chip. Or you can enter a new tag and hit enter to create a new tag chip for the host.

Host tag update.

Host tag update

Credential Update

If you have a new credential you wish to use with a host, you can use the drop down menu to change it. The credential will be used the next time Sandfly checks the host. 

Host credential update.

Host credential update

Credential Edit

You can also click on the Edit button to take you to the credential edit screen. This is detailed in the credentials section. This feature allows you to change a credential in one location and all hosts using that credential name are immediately updated to use it. This is useful if you have rotated a SSH or password for a group of hosts.

Jump Host Add and Change

You can add or remove jump hosts to use to connect to the target host with this option. Use the drop down to select what jump host to use. You can add multiple jump hosts to use to connect to the system and Sandfly will use them in the order they are added.

For instance below we have a host update using one jump host, then another using two.

Single jump host change.

Single jump host change

Multiple jump host change.

Multiple jump host change

Deleting Host

Using the delete button in the top right deletes the host immediately. You will be asked to confirm before deletion happens. 

Host delete confirmation.

Host delete confirmation

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