Viewing the Whitelist

Selecting Whitelist from the sidebar menu shows all hosts and what sandflies they have whitelisted.

Whitelist View

Whitelist View

Clicking on a row in the table will show all available sandflies and which ones that are whitelisted for that host. The whitelisted sandflies will have a chevron pattern denoting they are deactivated.

Whitelist Host View

Whitelist Host View

Deleting Whitelisted Sandflies

Clicking on the Whitelisted checkbox (denoted with a checkmark) will allow you to remove the whitelist designation via the De-whitelist Selected option in the Bulk Actions menu and put it back in service.

Multi-select Whitelist.

Multi-select Whitelist

Optionally, you can use the checkboxes to select multiple sandflies and de-whitelist or whitelist them all at once.

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