The server configuration page contains the core settings for the Sandfly server, which is accessed by expanding the Settings option in the sidebar and then selecting Server Configuration.

Server Configuration ​Page

Server Configuration Page

On this page the various server settings can be accessed by changing to any of these tabs:

  • General - Includes the following core options:
    • Data Retention in Days - Change the number of days, between 1 and 31, that Sandfly will retain results data, audit logs, and error logs on the Sandfly server. The free edition is limited to 24 hours. This setting has no effect on replicated data. Retention will have an effect on your storage requirements, be certain to monitor and adjust space in an appropriate ratio based of the number hosts scanned and percent / types of selected Sandflies.
    • Agent Binary Names - When running a scan on a host, the Sandfly binary and process name will be a random choice from this comma-separated list. Names must only contain letters, numbers, dashes and underscores. This feature provides further evasion resistance against being bypassed during normal scans. It also gives additional protection for incident response teams wishing to keep a low profile during their investigations.
  • SSO Configuration - Sandfly supports single sign-on (SSO) using SAMLv2.
  • Elasticsearch Replication - Sandfly results are replicated to the provided Elasticsearch database.
  • Postgres Replication - Sandfly results are replicated to the provided PostgreSQL database.

INFO: Upgrade Features - Replication and SSO

The ability to configure and use replication or single sign-on requires an upgraded plan. Please see for details.

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