Sandfly supports the replication of results data to an external Elasticsearch database for independent long-term storage and analysis. 

INFO: Upgrade Feature - Elastic Replication

The ability to configure and use Elastic Replication requires an upgraded plan. Please see for details.

Elasticsearch Replication Settings

Elasticsearch Replication Settings

This server configuration tab contains the following settings that can be edited:

  • Elastic Replication Enabled - Set it to true to enable access to the Elasticsearch Replication settings.
  • Elastic Replication URL - The replication URL of the external Elasticsearch server, which must be in a standard URL format of <PROTOCOL>://<HOSTNAME>:<PORT> like in the reference image.
  • Server CA Certificate (optional) - If the external Elasticsearch server uses a certificate from a private CA or is self-signed, provide the trusted certificate in PEM format in this field.
  • Username (optional) - If authentication is used, the external Elasticsearch username to connect as.
  • Password (optional) - If authentication is used, the external Elasticsearch password associated with the specified username.

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