The reports page contains a list of all available reports which provide various views into important data produced by Sandfly. The page is accessed by selecting the Reports option or the All Reports sub-tree option in the sidebar.

Reports ViewReports View

Individual reports that are found on this page offer two display options. The normal view, whose charts and tables can be interacted in order to explore the data, is accessed by clicking on the View Report button. Alternatively the print view, which is optimized for printing or saving as a PDF, is accessed by clicking on the printer icon button. The print view page will also automatically open the print dialog window for rapid access to print or save.

Provided Reports

  • Host Snapshot - A snapshot of the hosts currently detected and monitored by Sandfly.
  • Scan Performance - A summary of scan activity and results over a configurable time frame.
    • Preset time ranges include the last 24 hours, 7 days, and 31 days or opt for a custom range.

Line charts found within the reports can zoom in and out or select specific ranges to focus in on target areas of the data. Whereas tag clouds and data tables contain hyperlinked data elements. Simply click on a principle data table or cloud tag element to drill down into its associated information.

Data Element Drill Down

Data Element Drill Down

TIP: Advanced Reporting

For users who need customized and/or long-term reporting or data correlation with information from other tools, we recommend sending the Sandfly results via any supported methods into an external, centralized database.

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