Sub-Section of SSH Hunter

The Key Investigation area of SSH Hunter provides information that centers around host aspects of SSH key data that is collected by Sandfly.

Table View

The principle page offers search capabilities for various key fields and lists all discovered SSH keys in an easy to use table.

SSH Hunter - Key Investigation Data Table

SSH Hunter - Key Investigation Data Table

Clicking anywhere on a row of data, excluding the checkbox and action buttons, will open a page that contains additional details associated to that entry.

When one, or more, SSH Keys are selected by clicking on the checkbox, the Stash Selected Keys button becomes enabled. This button will uniquely add the selected key(s) to the Local Key Stash widget. A single key can also be quickly added by clicking on the Stash Key action button.

​Stash Selected Keys

Stash Selected Keys

The Local Key Stash, which is located in the bottom left area of the sidebar menu, is for having rapid access to open the Key Investigation page of important SSH keys.

Local Key Stash

Local Key Stash

Detail View

The nodes in the Explorer section can be expanded and the panel can be zoomed or moved around in order to follow the relationship between keys, users, and hosts.

SSH Hunter - Key Summary View (1 of 2)

SSH Hunter - Key Summary View (1 of 2)

Clicking anywhere within a data row, excluding the SSH Hunter Explorer action button, will drill down into the associated host or user.

SSH Hunter - Key Summary View (2 of 2)

SSH Hunter - Key Summary View (2 of 2)

Finally, the Key Details tab provides easy to view textual data of an individual key.

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